The shift from Ego to Eco

What is really happening in Macedonia?

If for a moment we get out of our small national cocoon, and observe the domestic socio political events with a different lens, in a wider-global context, we will see that Macedonia, similarly to the rest of the humanity, is on the biggest and most important crossroads in its existence. This intersection, or rather a process, now days, is referred as “the shift from Ego to Eco”.

Ego functioning is used to describe the familiar and dysfunctional ways of doing things, by which only a small group of people and/or organizatios benefit in short term. This ego based functioning today is mostly visible in 3 key divides, Eco divide, Social divide and Spiritual divide. Macedonian ego functioning is evident on all the levels in our society. From the pollution in the cities, the accusations and the mistrust between the political parties and between citizens, the crime and the corruption activities of the key government’s ministers (including the PM) and the total dysfunction of the key institutions. I am certain that the global readership will recognize some of our local problems within their own communities.

Eco functioning is used to describe a functioning where the system works as a cohesive unit and for the benefit of the whole (overall economic, environmental and social balance of man, institutions and the nature). This new eco type of functioning throughout the world is in its early stages of development. In the past 6 months in Macedonia this type of co-creative functioning clearly has been demonstrated by the initiative and the activities of the student plenum, and several other large group civic activities.

Ego functioning
You can identify the ego functioning in our institutions and society in the first two horizontals in the table below. It’s characterized by singular, linear action-monologue or debates we often hire from political leaders or the autocratic and controlling bosses. Monologues and debates hardly create innovative solutions. They often repeat old knowledge and behaviors, creating discomfort and tension within the system and not mobilizing the whole collective intelligence of the system.

Organizational structure

Relations in the system – Levels of listening Results it creates

Energy levels in the system

1. Monologue Centralized Conforming We listen to one person Same-old results Lowest
2. Deabate


Confrontational – Battle of egos Repeating of the old patterns and knowledge


3. Dialogue


Co-relational  -emphatic  listening Old principles are evolving


4. Generative Dialogue Co-Creative Collective intelligence emerges – The whole system is listening to itself High levels of presence, creativity and innovation.

Very High

Macedonia is shifting from Ego to Eco.
From this perspective, what happens these days in Macedonia can be observed as a clear shift from Ego to Eco functioning and a demonstration of the gradual collapse of the dysfunctional unworkable ego structures. The collapsing ego structures (personal and institutional) in its lack of knowledge and awareness of more conscious social forms of functioning are holding very hard to what they know and are desperately fighting for its survival.

Eco function Cares for the wellbeing of the entire system. The horizontals 3 and 4 of the table. Here, there is no “leader savior” but the whole system work co-creatively. (This example was clearly visible in the functioning of the student plenum, which functioned in a horizontal structure, used dialogue to move forward and always surprised the public with a new face than would deliver a statement, an action or a speech). In the Eco functioning, diversity and differences exist and are welcome. They are emphatically accepted in the context of the larger picture – the wellbeing of the whole system. It is characterized by an increased level of personal awareness, and presence which is reflected in the increased level of collective presence. This kind of social functioning is somehow new for most of us and especially for the older generation of citizens, primarily because they have been functioning mostly by knowing the first two horizontall. One of the key elements of eco functioning is leading a dialogue. But when I say dialogue, I must stress that I don’t think of the usual dialogue that we know.

Dialogue in this context is a platform for wholeness; a lens where the system can see itself and its needs, break the barriers of ego functioning, self transform and start to function as a single unit.

What and how next for Macedonia?

The Eco time is not a time to sit in front of TV and wait for someone to make the difference for us. Everyone needs to take its own conscious (no matter how small) civic role in his own field. Macedonian public institutions, metastasized from long ego functioning must be transformed, and for that we needs conscious dialogue (not a monologue or debates) just between the political parties. Ordinary citizens must be part of the dialogues about the key issues that affect us all. We must not ignore these key issues that are surfacing right now.

The Ego to Eco shift is unstoppable part of the Macedonian as well as the human evolution. Unstoppable.

The themes I am writing about in this blog are expanded in my latest book Diamond Leadership available on Kindle. 


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