Why this book?

excerpt from the bookDiamond Leadership“.

I write these words because I feel and see, all around us, the unfolding of the biggest change in consciousness and the most radical culture shift that humankind has ever witnessed – the paradigm shift from the “Ego to Eco” functioning of our organizations, communities and nations.

From global warming and drastic climate changes, to the financial instability in the markets, to the growing gap between the poor and rich, the facts and the data are more than obvious and they show that we are not producing the results that humanity and the planet require, in order to create well-being and ensure the survival of the generations to come. Instead, we are working against ourselves and against nature’s logic and wisdom, and unnecessarily wasting much of our energies and resources.

So how, in these challenging times, are we to become a truly sustainable civilization?
How can we align with nature’s wisdom, and create innovative solutions and results that actually work for the benefit of the whole?
How can we design organizations that are more efficient, resilient and adaptable to change? How can we stop wasting energy, time and money, and become a truly balanced and sustainable society?

These are not simple questions, and this book does not intend to answer them all. In order to reach the answers, we need to approach things in a different and innovative way, which requires new ways of thinking and answering, new leadership models and skills. We require a new way of knowing that is not ego-based, but is rather a reflection of the collective intelligence of the whole wider system.

What the world will look like during and after these changes, I do not at present know. This is a matter of evolution itself. My assumption and wish is that people, organizations and nations on the planet will in the future function more wholly and with a greater alignment between our selves and with our nature. It is my hope that the examples and the experiences in this book will assist leaders and organizations during the challenging processes of this shift…

Diamond Leadership contents

Diamond Leadership is available on Kindle.



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