Diamond Leadership – contents

The difference between aligned and misaligned teams/organization, is the difference between average and excellent. When strategies are misaligned with culture, organizations and businesses pay extremely high price.

Aligned teams happen to be innovative, perform faster and better in the changing environment.

Leaders and entrepreneurs need to be able to create safe environment – platforms, where the collective intelligence emerges, people align and continuously innovate.

The Diamond Leadership is a simple co-creative guide that puts in one place the tools and practices that liberate innovation and align teams in organizations.

It will assist you to create cohesion in your team where creativity and innovation are natural states of functioning?


“With power, must come wisdom”




Why this book?

National lеаdership for the 21st century

A few facts about Macedonia

The beginning

How did we start?



Values ​​and culture

The model of the seven levels of consciousness

A detailed description of the model

Seven levels of consciousness on a personal level

A detailed description of the model on a national level (society/community)

Full spectrum of consciousness

Preparation for the measurement

Results of measurement: 1 – Big gap in values

Results of measurement: 2 – Low levels of alignment

Results of measurement: 3 – High entropy

Results of measurement: 4 – Strategy for growth not supported

Full Assessment

Back to corporation Macedonia

The example of Unilever Brazil

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, AGAIN!

A few words about the “good”, and why it is the greatest enemy of the “GREAT”


 Systemic leadership – “Co–Creation”

Collective intelligence

Systemic intelligence is always smarter and wiser than the leader or the leadership team

System leaders – “Co-Creators”

Creative dialogue

Creative dialogue is not the same as the dialogue we know

Modern methods and tools

What makes creative dialogue innovative and inspirational?

“U Theory”, creative dialogue and corporation Macedonia

Key questions for creative dialogue

Bad dialogue is only the dialogue that we don’t have

Slow down, to speed up

Collective illumination – breakthrough

Key questions

Other key questions

Presence – “The key to conscious and authentic leadership”

Diamond Leadership is available on Kindle



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